Sedu Prom Hairstyles

A really popular sedu prom hairstyle is the natural sedu style.

The style is simple yet elegant, and super easy to create. The hair is either loose, down, and straight with some waves or curls at the bottom, or if you prefer you can twist hair into a loose bun. This executes the natural affect this style is going for.

Also keep in mind that with this hair style pinned up it is probably a good idea to keep little strands flowing softly around your face to keep the style looking natural.

To create this simple sedu prom hairstyle at home just follow these simple steps:

  1. First of course you need to wash and condition your hair. Air drying is the best way to let your hair dry as the blow dryer tends to dry out the hair, and sedu prom hairstyles are aimed towards putting the moisture back into the hair. If you don’t have the time to let your hair air dry, use the cool setting on your blow dryer until your hair is dry.
  2. Next run some styling mousse or light hair gel throughout your hair and blow dry downward with the cool setting for three or four minutes.
  3. Now use a flat iron, preferably a sedu hair straightener to make sure that you have the straightest possible hair.
  4. And finally, if you want you can add curls to your prom hairstyle at the bottom of your hair, or pin your hair up into a bun leaving stray strands of hair flowing around your face and neck.


Another popular Sedu Prom Hairstyle is the Chic style:

  1. For this you need to wash and condition your hair. This is one of the most important steps in creating a prom hairstyle, because of the moisture that the conditioner is allowing into your hair. If you do not condition, your hair will be more brittle and dry, so don‘t forget the conditioner. Another reason for washing and conditioning right before creating a sedu prom hairstyle is that it washes all the dirt and excess oils from our hair. If we don’t do this the oils would burn creating a brittle, frizzy style.
  2. So once you’ve finished washing and conditioning, do a quick towel dry to your hair and apply mousse or lightweight styling gel throughout your hair.
  3. Then you will blow dry your hair until it is completely dry, with the cool setting on your blow dryer.
    Straighten your hair with a round brush, then a flat iron to make it smooth.
  4. Next divide the front of the hair from the back of the hair, and with the back of the hair make a twist at the bottom. Part the top of your hair on the side and pull it back to go around the twist you just created for the bottom part. Leave some hair falling softly on your face and neck and curl them slightly.
  5. You can add accessories like jeweled hair pins, or some flowers to match your dress.

The possibilities are endless for a sedu prom hairstyle so let your imagination be your guide.

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