1980s Hairstyles

One very popular 1980’s Hairstyles was the shag, now it’s not the 70s shag, it’s different than that.

It was simple, short hair everywhere except in the back on the neck, so it was very close to a mullet. In fact I heard a saying about the shag hairdo the other day. Someone told me that it was a “Blackman‘s mullet“ because it was seen mostly on black males in the 80s. Interesting.

The Jeri curl was a big 1980s hairstyle too. It was very popular, in fact Michael Jackson had a Jeri curl back in the day. To get this look, the hair is chemically straightened, then they use hair rollers to create new larger curl patterns, then another chemical called activator is applied to the hair to lock the curl into the hair. The ending result is a greasy, wet appearance to the newly formed curly hair. Michael Jackson’s Jeri curl caught on fire during a Pepsi commercial taping in the 80s because of all the chemicals in his do.

1980’s Hairstyles were, for lack of a better word, Big.

A lot of change came to pass from 1970 to 1980, it went from sleek and straight, to an explosion of hairspray, mousse, and any gel that would make your hair stand up, out, and as big as you could get it. 80s hairstyles were all about experimentation. Crazy ponytails on the sides of your head, and big bangs for example.

Mike Score was a lead singer of an 80s band called ’A Flock of Seagulls’. Mr. Score made famous his ‘different’ 1980’s Hairstyles which he called The New Wave. It is just like a mullet, only backwards. So instead of having long hair in the back, just do the opposite. Keep the hair short in the back and on the sides, and keep it long, very long on the top and swoop the long hair over one eye, and there you go, a backwards mullet, or the new wave 1980’s Hairstyles.

Punk 1980’s Hairstyles were huge, (no pun intended) so much so that you still see them around today. The best way to get a punk 1980’s Hairstyles is to just not care what your hair is going to look like. Just remember when re-creating this style that just as long as it looks messy, grungy, spiky and hardcore (the more so the better) you’ll fit in just fine with the punk 1980s hairstyles.

For 1980s punk female hairstyles, same rules as most 1980’s Hairstyles, ‘the bigger the better’.

Huge curly, frizzy, dyed hair parted on the side with crazy big bangs is the most familiar female 1980’s Hairstyles.

The best 80s punk hair was dyed, no one new their real hair color anymore. The most common 80s punk hairstyle was blond, but they could be any crazy, neon color. The 1980’s Hairstyles color changed as quickly as their moods.

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