1970s Hairstyles

The 1970s hairstyles  went for anything it was the age of the hippies and that meant most women tried to look as natural as possible.

So no more bouffant, pompadour and poodle hair. Women tried to keep their locks as long, smooth and sleek as possible.

The 1970s hairstyles were actually pretty cool, and a little bit of a time saver compared to the 50’s. No more sleeping in curlers and no more rolls and pin up hairdos. It was time to let your silky hair down and be carefree.

But since there were no straightening irons in the 70s, women had to go to extra lengths to create their ‘natural’ look. To get that long luscious look of the seventies hairstyle women actually had to use a regular clothing iron to straighten their hair.

Girls would take turns ironing each others hair, inch by inch careful not to scorch the hair, in order to achieve the natural, smooth, straight look of the 1970s.

There are a lot of famous styles, one being the Afro. In the 1970s hairstyles, black power and pride were coming out strong and as a way of reinforcing humans that beauty comes in all shapes and forms. Black men and women would grow out their tightly coiled hair and the texture the hair had would create this huge puff of Afro goodness on the tops of their heads.

One of the weirdest 1970s hairstyles I have to say I’ve ever seen is the disco wedge cut.

It is pretty much everything girls today don’t want their haircut to turn out like, and probably fear.

One super popular hair style is the Shag, it is still around today, a little more updated but still in fact the shag. It is layers in the hair to give it a kind of messy or ‘shaggy’ if you will, look to it.

The mullet was also a popular seventies hair style for men, and probably some women. Your basic mullet was cutting the hair short on the sides and top leaving the back longer, most of the time down to the shoulders, maybe a little shorter.

The page boy was a hairstyle for younger kids and maybe teens. To create this style you would curl the back of the hair under and only up to the neck, then to the same on the sides and the bangs keeping all the curls going underneath and towards the face.

Farrah Fawcett had a major impact in 1970s hairstyles. She made famous the feathered look, which today is still a really popular hairstyle for young adults. The feathered look is actually a really easy hairstyle to achieve. Just blow dry your hair in an up and under motion to get more volume, body, and movement through your hair, then blow dry around the face going up and out to get that softer feathered look.

Fluff the bangs up for the finishing touch and there you have a 1970s hairstyles page boy fluff hairdo.

‘Freedom’ was definitely the motto that gave the creative edge and bold looks of the 1970s hairstyles.

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